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Exclusive Distribution Partner Arenti

HOMEX is the exclusive distributor of the Arenti product line. This exclusivity refers exclusively to Switzerland and the Arenti product line.

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Arenti was founded at the beginning of 2020. The claim of our brand partner is to be one of the best manufacturers for smart home security.

To this end, Arenti is continuously developing its wide range of high-quality surveillance cameras. The team at the company's headquarters in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, and in China has decades of experience in the fields of artificial intelligence, internet, security, as well as smart home.

For its Optics Smart Home Security series, Arenti was awarded the Red Dot Award and the iF Design Award in 2021.

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Laxihub is a product line from Arenti. This product line differs mainly in design resp. color. The Laxihub products are in white color. Both product lines use the Arenti app.

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