23 February, 2024

With Arenti, I Protect My Home Security While at Work

Owning a home can be happy but sometimes pressured. You’ve got a mortgage to pay, house decoration to make, and rooms to furnish. You might have kids or pets who truly make your house into a home. If there’s one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about, it’s protecting your home in the midst of life’s chaos. Safety isn’t a luxury, it’s accessible. Fortunately, safety is Arenti’s top priority.

After several years of purchasing and decorating for their dream house, the Jacks were excited to move into their dream new house in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. With Jack and Fiona outside work to earn a living, the couple decided to install an Arenti Video Doorbell and Laxihub Security Cameras to protect their new home and the baby. That way, they could see what’s happening at home while they’re at work, and baby Gina could feel safer and happier when Fiona is away.

Home Security

“We’ve got a panorama all around our house. We can check in when we’re out and check what is the baby doing,” Jack explains. “Before going to work every morning, we just put the Arenit baby monitor P2 on the desk near Gina and Echo and we can just rest easy knowing that they are safe and be quiet and happy in the home.”

Little did they know, the Arenti security camera helps them scared the thief away. One day, both Fiona and Jack were at work when Fiona started getting notifications on her Arenti App. She received one notification after another, alerting her that someone was sneaking into her bedroom.

Fiona immediately checked the Live View on his Arenti Security Cameras. Because all of the devices were linked on the Arenti App, Fiona had a complete picture of what was happening around their home as it unfolded in real-time.

“I start to work my way around the house with the cameras. I see that two men in black are trying to get into our front door,” Fiona recalls. “I’m looking through the camera that’s in my living room and I see two men just trying to break in. Then I just received the alarm.”

As soon as Fiona received the alarm on her Arenti app, she called the police immediately. once the police arrived, Fiona shared the camera footage with them. Although they had hoped they would never have to use their Arenti Security Camera to prevent a break-in, Fiona and Jack are delighted it worked when they needed the camera most. At that moment, Jack said Arenti smartify my life!

Arenti Smartify Your Life

“Arenti security camera and Arenti doorbell create a connection between me and the police. It makes me safer while at work.” Jack says.

“I never thought about anything like that happening before. And I’m so delighted we were ready,” Jack says.

An Arenti home security camera and video doorbell can help keep your home and loved ones safe like it helped Fiona and Jack stop a thief.

So what are you waiting for? Start protecting your home today with the best doorbell and security camera on the market: the Arenti doorbell camera, security baby monitor P2.

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Arenti keeps the safety of your home in mind with this wonderfully crafted device. Here at Arenti, we believe that smart home doorbells and security cameras are the best way to ensure home protection.

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